Webbing into Literacy offers 22 weeks of A-Book-A-Week instruction. Well-known works of children's literature have been selected based on common themes found in preschools -- holidays, colors, and counting. Also highlighted are books that particularly support phonological awareness.​ 

Our downloadable instruction for each book comes in the form of 4 activity cards (plus materials), one card for each of the categories we believe to be important in children's development of literacy:


Language Development, with attention to vocabulary and syntactic structures. (WIL's A-Rhyme-A-Week deepens this particular emphasis)


​Acts of Writing, including letter-sound relationships, print concepts, and genre knowledge


Artist's Craft, with attention to the ways authors and illustrators have created their works


Lots of Links, including intertextual connections, connections to other content areas, and connections to children's lives


Access WIL's A-Book-A-Week instruction by clicking on the appropriate week:

Weeks   1-14

Weeks  15-22


Click here to see the list of books featured in A-Book-A-Week Instruction, complete with bibliographic information.