How to Use A-Rhyme-A-Week

For each of our 28 weeks of instruction, we have 4 downloadable pdfs for teachers and parents: 

  • the lesson plans for the week

  • the featured nursery rhyme card

  • a set of rhyming pictures

  • a set of riddle rhymes. 

All four pdfs must be downloaded and printed prior to instruction. For classroom instruction, we recommend enlarging the nursery rhyme card to an 11 X 7 size and laminating for repeated use. Picture card sets can also be laminated and bound, with the last page serving as a title page.


How the Lesson Plans Work


On Mondays, we revisit favorite rhymes, then introduce this week's new rhyme. Whenever we've been able to locate the tune, we teach children the rhyme through song. We also chant the rhyme, and work on its rhythm.

On Tuesdays, we emphasize acting out the rhyme, using our various Monday chants to provide the accompaniment for our "actors."

On Wednesdays, we introduce the rhyming picture set, explaining the new vocabulary that comes with the pictures.

On Thursdays, we work with the picture sets and the Riddle Rhymes.

On Fridays, we review, using new Riddle Rhymes, acting out, singing, and chanting.


Access the Lesson Plans by Clicking on the Week You Need!  


​Weeks 1-7

Weeks 8-14

Weeks 15-21

Weeks 22-28