Webbing into Literacy (WIL) is a FREE, downloadable program.


Previously housed at the University of Virginia, WIL is used all over the English speaking world, by classroom teachers and home-schooling parents. WIL began in a "best practices" study conducted by Dr. Laura B. Smolkin, a University of Virginia literacy professor (now happily retired), serving at that time as a principal investigator in the national Center for the Improvement of Early Reading Achievement. 


The web of Webbing into Literacy carries 3 distinct but related meanings.


  • 1. Web refers to the World Wide Web, without which we would be unable to offer this program to so many teachers and parents. 

  • 2. As you can see when you come to the WIL site, web calls to mind Miss Muffett and her spider, reinforcing the important role that nursery rhymes play in WIL's Rhyme-A-Week program. Many teachers and parents consider A-Rhyme-A-Week to be the heart of the WIL curriculum.

  • 3. Perhaps most important of all, we at WIL are committed to weaving a web to support children's school success. School success cannot be attributed to one single factor; instead, there are many fine threads that, when woven together, provide the support children need.

Threads that matter to us at WIL are: caring teachers, strong instruction, and involved, active families. ​WIL stresses a developmentally appropriate, balanced approach to literacy instruction; it provides teachers with guidance and suggestions for literacy development both in the classroom and at home.